Friday, July 27, 2012

Super Awesome Sylvia Meets The Maker Mom

Admittedly Super Awesome Sylvia and I only chatted over Twitter and email, with the assistance of her dad because she's only 11 years old. Even at her young age, she's an accomplished Maker and, look, an adventurous cover girl!

The Maker Mom: What is "making" and how did you get involved in it?

Super Awesome Sylvia:   Making is the exact opposite of consuming products. Instead of buying, you make! Bored? Don't buy a toy, make a paper airplane! Getting involved in making more things is easy, check out some cool websites like, and for inspiration, or follow tutorials at or Just take the first step to build, not buy! (Buying tools and parts to make things with can be ,though).

TMM:  I'm guessing that the making or building process doesn't always go as planned. How do you work through those frustrating moments?

SAS: Failure is just the beginning for learning, it's never "the end", unless you let it be. Don't give up!

Read more of Sylvia's philosophies and favorite projects and tips in my STEM Mom blog at!

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  1. Love Sylvia's attitude about Making. Thanks for the links!


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