Watermelon Under Pressure

I’m not sure whose wacky idea it was to see how many rubber bands they could wrap around a watermelon before it would explode, but then again I know a certain toddler who stuck his fingers down his throat, gagging himself, “just to see what would happen.” And I know another curious nine-year-old who stuck a pair of tweezers into an electric socket for that same reason. (Thankfully, it was a GFIC and the tweezers had a rubber handle.)

So, these young men kept placing rubber bands around a watermelon until, well, what do you think happens? It’s part WTH?! and part awesome, though admittedly it would have been even better had it been filmed with a high-speed camera.

I originally posted this on The Maker Mom Facebook page (there are lots of fun links and good convos there; have you “liked” us yet?) but wanted to share it here after my friend Rebecca commented that it’s a good metaphor the way persistent children wear parents down until they snap.

Rubber band 1: “Mom, can I get an XBox?”
Rubber band 2: “Mom, I’m the only one who doesn’t have XBox, when can I get one?”
And so on: 
“Mom, I know I didn’t do the thing I was supposed to do to be able to get XBox, but I think I deserve one, anyway.”
“Mom, I will pay for an XBox with my own money, so why can’t I get one?”
“Mom, you said we could get an XBox.”
“Mom, there’s nothing to do around here. If I had an XBox, I’d have more friends over.”
“Mom, why can’t I get an XBox?”
“Mom, it’s not fair that I can’t get an XBox.”
“Mom, when can I get an XBox?”
“Mom, can I get a PS3?”

It’s a wonder my head hasn’t exploded after all these years of parenting.

Hat tip to wonderful Gena Mazzeo for pointing out this video.

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