Monday, July 9, 2012

Welcome to The Maker Mom!

The Maker Mom blog

Welcome to The Maker Mom, my new blog about science, tech, STEM, gifted kids, Arduino, and of course, fun projects for makers of all sorts.

Take a peek around as I've been adding content in recent weeks. I've also (finally!) posted an archive of my posts about parenting and educating gifted children. Thanks to my friend, Mari, I've got them linked with titles and descriptions.

Some of you might be thinking, "What?! Kim has another blog?" Frankly, I'm as surprised as anyone. Read about how this blog started with one idea and quickly morphed into something bigger and better.

I'm pleased to present the first new episode of When Geeks Grow Up since 2010. Jay Silver, featured geek, is finishing up his PhD at MIT and is working at Intel as a maker. Yes, that's really his job title. I'll be featuring Jay's Drawdio on the blog later this month (and also on WGN Morning News on tomorrow, July 10 around 8:40, so tune in or set your DVRs now).

I talked to Jay about his childhood and what he's doing now. I love his philosophy:and enthusiasm, Explore the world! Change the world!

If we have creative confidence, we can do anything.

Kudos to Jen Merrill of Laughing at Chaos, for pointing me to the Makey-Makey Kickstarter project. If I hadn't seen that, Jay would have been just another interesting person I met in the STEM working group at Clinton Global Initiative: America, instead of the man that helped relaunch my series. (Also, Jen has a book about 2e kids coming out soon, so stop by her blog to get deets.)

I also want to give a nod to Beth Blecherman of TechMamas. Years ago, I mentioned that my then-10-year-old enjoyed reading Wired*, but I felt much of the content was inappropriate for him. Beth introduced me to Make Magazine, a periodical that both intrigues and confuses me (much like a cookbook full of tempting photos and wonderful, but complex, recipes I'm unlikely to prepare).

I'm also thankful to Rebecca Levey and Nancy Rabinowitz who invited me to contribute to the KidzVuz parent blog as the STEM Mom (coming soon), which got me jonesing to write about the topic even more. Soapbox? Yes, please.

Thanks to Hope Bertam, who wisely suggested I ditch and set up shop at TheMakerMom, instead. I'm grateful that Chicagoan Melissa Pierce Tweeted about Pumping Station: 1, Chicago's north side hackerspace. I didn't even know it existed, but knew I needed to see the place. Within a week I had visited the PS: One twice.

I truly appreciate the vision, skills and professionalism of Cynthia Wheeler (@napwarden) from NW Designs. She translated my long-winded blog description into a logo that's just right and she delivered on time even though her computer quit on her.

You know what? I met all of those fabulous women except Mari through blogging. I'm eager to start new adventures and meet equally amazing people as a result of this site. Honestly, it's already happening.

Thanks to my family, for supporting tolerating my new venture. A special shout-out to my teen because he's doing all the soldering until I get bifocals proficient.

And finally, thank you for stopping by. Please stay in touch. You can subscribe by email via the widget near the top of the sidebar, like The Maker Mom on Facebook, follow us on Pinterest, subscribe to our videos on YouTube.

If you're a reader with blog-worthy projects or ideas, drop me a note and we'll talk about a guest post. If you're a PR person or brand rep thinking along those lines, see my about page.

*Honestly, I'm shocked that Wired hasn't come out with a Wired Kids yet.

Kim MoldofskyKim Moldofsky
Kim is a blogger, vlogger, baker, and maker, as well as a trend spotter and founder of #STEMchat. She is passionate about raising STEM-loving kids. to your Google+ circles.


  1. I'm excited about this new blog!

    Congratulations on the archive too. I need to make several indexes on my blog - did you explore anything other than text links? I wish there was an easier way.

  2. Ok, I'm thinking I really need to get my hands on a Makey-Makey. :) Congrats on the new venture here!
    And...ahem...Merrill, not Miller. ;)

  3. Wow, great stuff here. I'm looking forward to following along!


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