Evanston Maker Faire Success!

Mini-Maker Faire Evanston, IL

Last weekend’s Mini-Maker Faire in Evanston was a hit. This first-year effort went well and I can’t wait for next year’s bigger and better event.

As I mentioned, I organized the volunteers at the MAKE booth. I’m pretty sure I found the best group ever. Brian, Joan, Angela, Kathryn and Lauren were cheerful, interesting and helpful, too. In fact, I so enjoyed talking with them and the folks who visited our booth that I didn’t walk around as much as I’d expected. Uh, our table was longer than expected, too.

 Mini-Maker Faire Evanston, IL
I did wander around long enough to observe a lock-picking station and, hooray!, a some 3D printers in action, as well as other cool things.
Mini-Maker Faire Evanston, IL 3D printer MakerBot
Other booths featured maker projects like this one, The Big Bad Breadboard. It’s like a magnet version of Snap Circuits writ large. That is, large enough to be the size of a classroom smartboard. The BBB would be a great tool not only for teaching, but to open up the world of circuits and electronics to children with special needs who lack the fine motor skills to solder on a circuit board or even snap in the parts on Snap Circuits.
The Faire featured DIY activities like free screen printing.
Mini-Maker Faire Evanston, IL activities for kids

And of course, a highlight for many, the culmination of the Midwest Power Wheels racing series. These vehicles are built by teams at hackerspaces around the country using kids’ power wheels cars. The electric vehicles are hacked at a cost of up to $500 to be race-ready. Good times!

Mini-Maker Faire Evanston, IL power wheels racing series

A big thank you to the City of Evanston and the Chicago’s Pumping Station: One hackerspace for launching what I hope will be a fabulous annual event!

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  1. Abbey R says

    I’m actually one of the drivers / mechanic / builder for the Power Wheels racing series. Last year was my first year racing at the Detroit Maker Faire and let me tell you: it may look ridiculous to some people, but it is a blast!

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