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After years of wondering just what this Arduino thing is, and just months after buying one, I’m getting serious. Tonight I’m headed to Chicago’s Pumping Station: One hackerspace to get on my Arduino groove.

Between a bit of reading I’ve done and watching my son start to play with the unit I own, I hope to follow along without becoming a pesky old lady who asks too many questions.

Then again, the session is called “Arduino for total newbies.” It’s okay to be clueless. It’s okay to ask questions.

I’m allowed to make mistakes. Heck, I’m supposed to make mistakes.

Failure is always an option, right?

In case you’re even more of a noob than I am, Arduino is a microcontroller. It’s a kind of tiny computer that can be used as the basis for developing all sorts of cool, interactive electronic items and games, without having to dive deep into electronics. It uses an open-source system, meaning in part, that there’s a lot of sharing, which will hopefully make it easy to learn. Read more about Arduino from the people who actually know what they are talking about.

Tonight’s session will be led by Mitch Altman, AKA Johnny Hackerseed, as part of his Hackers on a Train tour, a nearly two-month trip around the USA visiting hackerspaces and sharing his wisdom.

I expect to feel a little out of my element, certainly more so than if I was at the BlogHer conference right now, but I recall something management guru Peter Block said about the best learning taking place when we’re feeling a bit vulnerable. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Do you have a new project you’re hoping to take on or skills you want to build? Tell me about it!

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