The KOFO, Kim’s Old-Fashioned Office

It seems to be there’s a fine line between a hackerspace and a hoarder space. I’ve picked up several items for my space on the cheap from garage and estate sales. Estates sales are the best because in my aging suburb I tend to find many vintage items.

My thought is that once the boys and I know a bit more about electronics, we can hack them into cool devices. But they’re still a novelty in their original form.

The hackerspace in my basement also provides me with an excuse to save everything.

You know, just in case I have a great idea and we can upcycle a few items

At any rate, as I’m setting up shop in the dark nether regions of our basement, I thought I’d have a little fun, so I repurposed the wallpaper we stripped from the teen’s room and set up Kim’s Old-Fashioned Office, or as my younger son has named it, The KOFO.

The desk used to belong to my grandfather, the rotary phone was $2, the cassette player and sand timer are DH’s from back in the day and the typewriter was $5. Depending on how you look at it, the wallpaper cost a couple of hundred thousand dollars or was free. (I say free. We bought the house in spite of the old decor, not because of it.)

I plan to use this area as a soldering station, but I think we’ll still call it The KOFO. I love it!
What do you think?

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