Friday, October 26, 2012

So This Happened

VEX competition kitI returned to my home office after a busy morning of meetings and my work-from-home husband was updating me on the morning's events. There wasn't actually much to tell. As I settled in at my desk, I noticed a small stack of VEX Robotics boxes.

"Oh, those came," he said nonchalantly.

How could he be so blase'? I just registered my team last weekend thanks to a generous grant available to Illinois residents and was warned that the kit could take two weeks to ship. In order to meet the grant obligations and not interfere too much with Science Olympiad, which kicked off last week, I signed my VEX team up for a December 1 tournament.

That means we have five weeks to engineer our butts off to make a decent showing. Thank goodness the kit arrived quickly.

I've assembled a team of four eager middle school boys and the hope is to spend about 4 hours together each weekend. We'll see how it goes. The Maker Tween and one of the boys built a VEX bot (he thinks) in a summer engineering program a couple of summers ago.

The Maker Teen is on board to be the programming coach and I'm mostly the facilitator. After all, it's not like I bring any expertise to the table. Still, I'm glad to make this happen. 

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Kim MoldofskyKim Moldofsky
Kim is a blogger, vlogger, baker, and maker, as well as a trend spotter and founder of #STEMchat. She is passionate about raising STEM-loving kids. to your Google+ circles.

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  1. That's so cool! I love that there are so many grants and programs and people involved in getting kids excited about science. I'm fascinated by the idea of the potion club. I may have to steal that for our elementary school :)


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