Getting Girls to Dig Laser Technology: STEM Girl Friday

There’s a campaign on IndieGoGo, a crowd funding site similar to Kickstarter, aimed at “making light coherent for girls.” The goal is to create a fun video game to help middle school girls learn about laser physics and technology.

Sarah Boisvert wants to produce a video game on the topic that provides a good challenge with “cute, cuddly” creatures that girls will find endearing and without the extraneous violence that turns girls off.

Why? As with other STEM areas, there’s a dearth of girls in laser physics. In fact, it appears that a typical gathering of laser physicists looks a lot like images from the Republican National Convention–lots of white men. (That’s an observation, not an interpretation, people.)

The idea is worthwhile, but the project details are vague and the pitch video (below) lacks the pizzazz of what I typically see on Kickstarter. You can donate to the project through December 1, 2012.

If the project fails to meet its fundraising goals, I hope Ms. Boisvert will add a bit of sparkle as well as more details (character sketches, storyline for the video game and how it tests with her target audience and STEM educators) and relaunch the campaign in 2013.


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