Tweens and Engineering: November #STEMchat Sponsored by Design Squad Nation

Design Squad Nation engineering for tweensWe’re talking about the “E” in STEM this month as #STEMchat tackles engineering. Engineering uses principles of science, math, and design to create things- systems, objects, and processes. We’ll be sharing ideas and resources to turn your tween on to engineering concepts.

Join in for #STEMchat on Tuesday, November 13 at 9 Eastern (8 Central, 7 Mountain, 6 Pacific) for an hour of engaging discussion about the Big E.

This month’s panel of moms who are raising STEM-loving kids consists of:

Beth Blecherman @TechMama: founder of and author of My Parent Plan.

Christy Matte @QuirkyFusion: blogger at Quirky Fusion and She’s spent most of her professional life sharing her passion for technology with kids and adults around the world, making it more accessible and helping them turn their ideas into action.

Amy Kraft @mediamacaroni: kids’ media producer, writer, and game designer living in New York City. She writes the kids’ media blog Media Macaroni and is a core contributor for Wired’s GeekMom blog.

Yours truly, @KimMoldofsky: STEMchat founder, floundering robotics coach. I may also appear as my alter-ego, @STEMchat, if I land in Twitter jail due to excessive Tweeting.

Our sponsor, @DesignSquad: inspires tweens from all backgrounds to imagine, design, and engineer cool, creative things.

Design Squad Nation has resources for parents, educators and kids. In addition to watching archived episodes of Design Squad, tweens can join the lively online community to share ideas as well as give and get feedback, play games and enter contests. The site also features engineering insights and projects a-plenty for your burgeoning engineer.

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