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I started writing about parenting gifted children back in 2005. I mused on the topic on my personal blog as well as on BabyCenter's Momformation, where the posts never seemed to generate as much enthusiasm as, say, a post about someone's child vomiting in public. That's kind of how it rolls with gifted issues. And don't get me started on advocacy....

Years ago at a parenting workshop, a speaker said, "There is no perfect parent and there is no perfect school." In my blog posts, I provide plenty of evidence that she was right.

The fact is, when it comes to raising my highly gifted boys, I didn't/don't really know what I'm doing. But I can share my thoughts, my journey. You can choose to read and relate and maybe learn from my mistakes. Or you can write me off as a just another crazy mama.


In 2014, I started a Google Plus Hangout series, (Not Just) Gifted Kids and College Admissions. While some information applies to all college-bound students, the series focuses on gifted issues like applying to highly selective schools and resources for 2E kids.


Smart, but Socially Awkward   Thought on the asynchronous behavior of gifted children; children years ahead in math and reading but socially awkward and immature.

Dropping Out of School   Academically gifted children who drop out after their required education ends, and don't pursue a traditional college education. I include a link to the book Secrets of Buccaneer Scholar, one of the best books of 2009. (Hindsight: the book was a year or two ahead of it's time. Also, I might not have done a lot of offline reading in 2009. Just saying.)

Gifted Ed and Skinny Dipping (Swimming Naked) in the School Pool Read about what these things have in common.

Speaking Out for Gifted Children in Illinois  My testimony from the Illinois State Board of Education budget hearing where I advocated for funding for gifted students.

Advocating for Gifted Children When the Blind Children are Kicking Lobbying A$$   "Whose child will be left behind?" Asked the chairperson. She gave a nervous laugh when I told her mine would be, but I wasn't joking. (Hindsight: I was correct.) 

Why Advocating for Gifted Kids is like Masturbating I feel compelled to advocate, and I feel good for speaking up, but....

Special Programs for Gifted Children: Luxuries or Necessities?  I was interviewed for a colleague's blog about whether special programs for gifted children are luxuries or necessities.

Raising Gifted Children: Smart Child Left Behind   Link to an article in The New York Times that discusses how No Child Left Behind adversely effects gifted and talented kids. This post also links to a map at the Davidson website that shows how each state fares in the realm of gifted education.

Parenting Gifted Children: A Back to School Quiz  My boys' first weeks back at school, and my then-11 year old finding a couple of adults who "get him".  I also include a quiz of things possibly said by teachers and admins about the chance of my children actually being challenged at the school.

President Obama's Speech and Gifted Students  Reference to Neil Steinberg's article in the Chicago Sun-Times about the President's speech to students. My children did not see the speech, did yours?

Gifted Children, Summer Slide and Back to School   My boys read and keep themselves busy all summer doing science-y things and computer programming. When they return to school in the fall, their MAP scores typically go up, rather than down.  Maybe the summer slide should be called the summer soar.

Gifted Kids and the Summer Slide   Musing on the fact that the summer slide is different for gifted kids than typical kids.

Working with Teachers  What do you tell your child's new teacher? The post includes a link to "Five Things Your Child's Teacher Needs From You," which provides a helpful way to connect with your child's teacher.

Rights of the Reader   Thoughts on finding age appropriate reading for children who read above above-level. Includes a review of Daniel Pennac's book The Rights of the Reader.

Positive Feedback from Gifted Education Saturday Enrichment Programs   When my older son took a Saturday enrichment class through a local talent development center, it turned out to be a positive experience.

Advocating for Gifted Kids   Feeling stressed and pondering gifted education and parenting gifting kids, I link to another blogger's post on Advocating for Gifted Children.

Gifted   There's a lot of debate and confusion over the definition of giftedness. What does it mean to be gifted? That question must be answered before we can define who is gifted. (Hindsight: wow, look what NAGC did and how a well-known advocate for gifted children has to say about it. Yikes!).

Gifted Students, Differentiation, and Self-contained Classrooms   Parenting Gifted Kids has a great post up sharing compelling reasons for gifted children to be placed in self-contained classrooms. Teacher Sarah Robbins discusses the academic as well as social-emotional benefits of such an arrangement.

Gifted kids and out-of-level testing   After receiving my boys' EXPLORE test scores, I realize it's time for a talk with the school about what's ahead.

Parenting a Gifted Child  In this post I reference two resources for parenting gifted kids.

Gifted Girls Go Underground  This popular guest post was written by my friend, IRL Julia. She discusses the challenges that are unique to gifted girls.

Gifted vs. Special Needs in Newsweek   Link to a Newsweek article in which  a mom ponders what would happen if her gifted daughter received the same special education services as her autistic son.

Grade Skipping AKA Grade Acceleration Part II   Out of level testing and how to determine what parents and teachers can do to challenge a gifted kid.  After excelling on a out-of-level test that he asked to take, my younger son did not want to skip ahead a grade in math. He is happy where he is. How do you find a way to challenge a gifted kid and also keep him where he is happiest and most comfortable?

Grade Skipping AKA Grade Acceleration Part I   Grade acceleration and why my son simultaneously attended both 5th and 6th grade math.  By the way, he received an "A" in the 6th grade class and a "B" in the 5th grade class.

Profoundly Gifted Round Up   Links to Carol Fertig's blog that has several posts about profoundly gifted kids.

Profoundly Gifted and Selectively Mute.  Where does a child thrive?  One of Kim's boys is thriving at the public school, one is not.  Kim wonders where the right place for her boy might be.

9 year-olds Taking the SAT?   Link to my post at BabyCenter's Momformation blog for my thoughts on gifted children and above-level testing.

Follow-up to Teacher Conferences   After a frustrating teacher conference I laid out the differences between "gifted", "highly gifted" and "profoundly gifted".

When Your Gifted Child Gets a Detention  If you're like me, you may see it as a reason to celebrate.

Gifted Students and Challenge: A parent talk with Jerry Schechter, PhD    A guest blogger discusses a parent talk I hosted featuring a local psychologist who specializes in treating gifted kids.  He discusses the challenges in raising gifted kids and gives advice to parents to help them to raise their gifted kids.

Schooling a Highly Gifted Young Child (circa 2004)  The story of a highly gifted child, (hindsight: a really bad teacher) and budget cuts.

Why We Never Use the R-word in Our House (Anymore)  We don't use the "R" word, now that I know the hurt the word causes some people.

Sending My Gifted Kids to Public School    My boys tried out the local public school and liked it.

Wherein This Mom Takes on the Illinois Board of Education  A recap of the Illinois State Board of Education Budget Hearing.

How Did I Miss This?  I Was Left Behind!    Link to a Washington Post opinion piece called Gifted Children Left Behind

Attention Gifted Ed Advocates in Illinois   We're considering sending the boys back to public school. Also, the Illinois State Board of Education will be holding budget hearings and I encourage allies of the gifted to attend these hearings and speak up at them.

Free and Appropriate Education?  In which I reference a blog entry by Laura Vanderkam about a recent court ruling out of New York.

Senator Durbin doesn't know from mommybloggers, my kids are not entitled to appropriate public educations and other notes from Political Playdate Saturday   Senator Dick Durbin spoke at the opening of the new "Gifted Academy" building and I talked his ear off about mommybloggers. I also spoke to an Illinois State Senator who basically told me that public education does not work for all children.

Giving Up On Public Education   Parents at the Gifted Academy support each other as "refugees" from the public school system.

Back to School Jitters    I was feeling anxious with only three weeks left before the start of the school year.  When a mom of a new student at the school wanted to touch base, I was happy to talk to her, but didn't want my growing concerns about the school to turn her off.

If You Send a Geek to Sports Camp…    Indoor or outdoor sports camp, that is the question. After sending my child to an outdoor camp that he hated, I was concerned about his return to public school.

Gifted Ed Gets It's Day in Court… Supreme Court    Parents in the state of California are suing their school district to pay for their son's private gifted school.  Kim states that it is almost impossible to get school's to cover this because gifted kids have no legal rights since giftedness is not considered a disability.  This case could give some answers to the questions presented for review before the Supreme Court.

School Fundraising - taking it to a new high  My son's attempt to raise about $20,000 to sponsor a classroom at the private school for gifted kids. (Hindsight note: he did it!)

End of School Year Nostalgia - Part II     I attended a class presentation at the end of my younger boy's kindergarten year. Each child received a meaningful award from the teacher. We are all happy the boys transferred to the private school.

No Child Left Untested?   Links to a post about 100 students in California opting out of state testing as well as an older post of mine on a similar topic.

Misdiagnosis of Gifted Follow-up     One reader wrote discussing a positive meeting with Dr. Mary Ruf.  Information about her book is listed in the post.

Misdiagnosis of Gifted Children    Misdiagnosis of gifted children is common, so if you're seeking a therapist, find one who has experience working with highly gifted children. The post includes resources for parents.

Leave No Gifted Child Behind    References Susan Goodkin's piece Leave No Gifted Child Behind in he Washington Post. The main idea is that by forcing schools to focus their time and funding almost entirely on bringing low-achieving students up to proficiency, the No Child Left Behind Act sacrifices the education of our most gifted students.

Gifted Refugees   Giving up on public education. 

Time-Traveling Children    Life with asynchronous children and parenting kids outside of the mainstream.

My posts about Gifted Education from my blogs at BabyCenter's Momformation Blog

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Is your child gifted? Part III

Is your child gifted? Part II

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Gifted links

An inconvenient math assignment

Smart or gifted?

When public school isn't good enough

Gifted at what cost?

Too smart for school

Why I hate public schools

Stop before you ruin your child

Over-excitabilities put the quirks in quirky gifted kids

Intellectual over-ecxcitabilities

Emotional over-excitabilities

Mom, I think I have a psychomotor over-excitability

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  1. This is a great list. I will need to bookmark it to refer back to it later. My son is only in first grade and I am very happy with the school and program he is in - but it seems there will be challenges ahead.

  2. Thank you for sharing this Kim! I was actually here (on this page) recently, I clicked through from another link or post you shared on FB. I was really enjoying reading your posts and look forward to reading more. As with so many things in life, it helps so much to find other people who "get" what we are going through whether it is raising gifted children, struggling with infertility, grieving a loss, dealing with an illness, etc. Thanks again for the heads up! I will definitely be book marking this too! :)

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