When Geeks Grow Up

Years ago I began experimenting with a video series about what kinds of gainful employment formerly geeky kids have found as adults, When geeks grow up. 

Jay Silver

Mike Senese

Inside Lego Universe

My dream video project, Mothers of inventors, involves interviewing mothers of well-known geeks, i.e., Mark Zuckerberg's mom. If you'd like to sponsor either one, drop me a note.

Kim MoldofskyKim Moldofsky
Kim is a blogger, vlogger, baker, and maker, as well as a trend spotter and founder of #STEMchat. She is passionate about raising STEM-loving kids. to your Google+ circles.


  1. Cool blog! Let me know if you want help with the When geek *girls* grow up project :-)

  2. I'd love it Einat. Please get in touch with me and we'll talk. I actually have my first interview with a girl geek grown up that I'm editing right now.


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