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Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects. A Book Review


I received a review copy of the DIY Duct Tape Project Book, Sticky Fingers. Author Sophie Maletsky provides dozens of DIY duct tape projects along with advice on how to make them.The book starts off with an introduction to making things, or crafting, with duct tape. She's pretty clear on the three basics: a place to work, tape and a good pair of scissors, but she rounds off what would otherwise be a very short chapter with loads of helpful tips. ... [ Read More ]

Summer Reading Clubs


Recommended reading! I don't care what your kids read this summer, but please keep them reading! As a mom to two voracious readers, I expected them to be all over the summer reading clubs as elementary schoolers. You know, a chance to earn meals, toys, ice cream just for doing what they love to do! But that either messed with their value system or they were just too lazy to record the title and authors, let alone a few thoughts on each ... [ Read More ]