7 Simple Machine Projects For Students To Try

simple machine projects

Before the age of power tools and complex machinery, simple machines were used to make work easier and move heavy objects from one location to another. Using leverage, these simple machines can multiply force with few, if any, moving parts. Simple machines are a great way of introducing children of all ages to fundamental engineering …

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Make a Fridge Fun Marble Run

Make a DIY marble run!

Make a DIY Marble Run with The Maker Mom!Not going anywhere for spring break this year? Keep your children’s minds active with a STEM project. Kids can turn your kitchen into an applied physics lab from the moment they purposely toss that first bit of food from their high chair trays. This STEM activity, the Fridge Fun Marble Run, is a lot less mess and a ton more fun. As you watch a marble turn potential (stored) energy, into kinetic energy (energy in motion) on its way down the run, you can also see the gears in your child’s mind turning as they engineer exciting paths to get the marble to reach the cup at the bottom of the run.

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Look What I Made: A Custom Candy Mold!

Making a candy mold with Carvey and Formech.

My Maker Mom-in-Residence is humming along and I’m eager to share the things I’ve made and learned. My goal at mHUB is to have some kind of output each week- a 3D print, a carved object, something to demonstrate that I am showing up, growing my skills and knowledge, and making things. A couple of …

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Build a DIY Toy Car with an Empty PURELL Hand Sanitizer Bottle

Learn how to make a DIY car from a plastic bottle on www.TheMakerMom.com.

I’m pleased to bring you a fifth activity, a DIY toy car from a plastic bottle, as part of my relationship with GOJO Industries, the makers of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer. GOJO and I believe in the power of creative experiences that put hands first. PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes clean away the illness-causing germs, but not the …

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How to Make Simple Stretchy Slime

How to make slime. Gooey stretchy slime. Recipe on www.TheMakerMom.com.
How to make stretchy slime. Recipe on www.TheMakerMom.com.

I’m delighted to be back with yet another activity on behalf of GOJO Industries, the makers of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer. And just in time for Halloween, we will be making slime, which is also sometimes called gak or flubber.  Making this borax-free slime requires just two basic supplies that you may already have on hand. It’s easy to mix up and you’ll definitely want to smoosh and squish it to experience a full range of oozy tactile delights.

This is the fourth activity I’m sharing through my relationship with GOJO. GOJO and I believe in the importance of creative, scientific exploration—even if that means getting a little dirty. Did you get a chance to try your hand making seed balls? Or taking the candy construction challenge? It’s never too late to click.

Are you planning a Halloween party? This slime recipe is simple enough to allow each guest to mix up her own small batch. It also makes a great candy-free goody to take home.

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How to Make Electroactive Slime

How to make electroactive or electric slime at www.TheMakerMom.com.

Are you planning a Halloween party? Electroactive slime, sometime called electric slime, provides the perfect opportunity to show off your spooky scientific powers. You can fool partygoers into thinking that you’re controlling the electroactive goop with your telekinetic powers. That is, until you explain the science behind the trick. How to Make Electroactive Slime Supplies …

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