Best Coding Summer Camps For Kids 2023

coding camps

Coding is one of the most important skills children can learn. Apart from guiding children to a possible career in computer science, it teaches other things like logical thinking and problem-solving. The logic that coding follows is also closely related to math, which can help in an academic setting.  Learning to code at summer camp …

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Best STEM Summer Camps For Kids 2023

stem camps

Do you have a child who excels in math or science? STEM camps allow children to explore potential career paths while learning important skills relevant to their fields of interest. Many parents send kids to camp each year due to the immense academic benefits they provide.  There are both in-person and virtual camps, as well …

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Best Chicago STEM Summer Camps 2023

graphic announcing the 2022 Summer STEM Camp Guide

graphic announcing the 2022 Chicago Summer STEM Camp Guide

Is it possible that all those hours your child spends on their computer will lead to a lucrative career? With the right guidance, all that screen time may pay off! To help that process, we’re presenting Chicago’s most comprehensive guide to STEM and STEAM camps guide. Whether your children are in elementary school, middle school, or high school, these camps can ignite their passion for science and technology or fan the flames that are already burning.

Read our other page if you’re looking for nationwide STEM programs.

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