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9 Best Online Math Classes For Kids

Math can be an intimidating subject to learn and one that kids either like or dislike. Learning math online can take some pressure off and allow children to absorb the information more effectively. With the right patience, kids can see the possibilities of math and how useful it is in their studies and daily life.

Technology has made learning math virtually a snap, and the availability of online math classes means that every child can learn this valuable skill. Any of these math platforms serve as a great addition to an in-school curriculum or as a standalone lesson plan.

Online math classes

World Scholars Academy

World Scholars Academy

World Scholars Academy hosts a two-week intensive mathematics course for kids 15-18, administered by a doctoral candidate from Cambridge, Evgeny Goncharov. They’ll enjoy ten classes over two weeks, where they gain a better understanding of proof-based mathematics.

The curriculum includes lessons about the geometry of complex numbers, combinatorics, graph theory, and many more advanced-level concepts. All classes are taught live in approximately 2-hour sessions on weekdays. Students receive one-on-one interaction with the instructor, and the maximum class size is six.

Upon successful completion of the World Scholars Academy Summer Mathematics Course, students receive a certificate of completion as well as a letter of recommendation from the instructor. The standard rate for the course is $2,795, and there is a deal for early enrollment.

Live Online Math

Live Online Math

Live Online Math covers various online math courses including real-time classes, one-on-one tutoring, and a library of interactive video learning. Children between 6th and 12th grades can easily find an appropriate course in algebra, geometry, algebra 2, and pre-calculus.

The Infinite Math Practice System is exclusive to Live Online Math and helps students with an unlimited amount of unique problems to solve, complete with detailed notes and all work shown for each problem. 

Kids get full access to this incredible system as members of the live classes, or they can get a monthly subscription starting at just $9.99 a month so they can practice whenever they like.

There is great value in the live courses, with an entire semester starting at only $325. For kids who want to learn at their own pace, the video courses are another great option, starting at only $124.99 for a year of access. Live Online Math was founded and has been run by math teachers since 2008. 

White Hat Junior

White Hat Jr

White Hat Junior teaches kids in grades 1-8 the why behind math, making them more confident as students. The courses at White Hat Junior are one-on-one private sessions where children get the individual attention they need in a supportive environment.

Using an activity-based and creative curriculum, children progressively learn math concepts. Teachers give them the skills they need to succeed and real-world Capstone Projects to build their educational portfolio for the future.

Courses are available in three tiers: an introductory, complete, and accelerated program. It is a monthly subscription service and starts at just $250 for the introductory program which can be completed in a month.

In addition to math courses, White Hat Junior also has classes for coding and music, and recently added art, animation, and video to its selection. Free trials are available to give it a try to see if White Hat Junior is a good fit.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a wonderful resource for children of all ages who wish to supplement their math education. Courses are arranged by grade and by the concepts that are traditionally taught at these milestones in school.

The full library of Khan Academy is completely free but does require an account sign-up to save progress. There are courses on everything a child could want to learn about, including science, economics, computing, and so much more. 

Be sure to check out the selection of courses through Khan Academy as there is something for all children. They have lessons like Intro to Multiplication and Division to advanced concepts in calculus and complex numbers.  

Art of Problem Solving

Art of Problem Solving

Art of Problem Solving provides full semesters of math through live or self-paced classes. Kids in grades 5-12 can choose which day of the week and time to attend the classes, with a wide range of times to accommodate after-school supplemental education.

All classes feature a shared set of tools including weekly homework, instructor evaluation, and access to a message board for classmates. They’ll also get access to a library of over 80 videos of instruction produced by the founder of Art of Problem Solving, Richard Rusczyk.

Classes start at only $430 for a semester. This is an incredible value for over 20 weeks of instruction, as well as complete access to the video library and tools provided by Art of Problem Solving.

School Yourself

School Yourself

School Yourself is a free platform starting with algebra and all the way through college-level courses like calculus. The courses are a combination of interactive learning, videos, and a personalized lesson plan that is catered to the individual.

What makes School Yourself unique is the way that the application works. It sits in the background, learning about the individual student, and begins to address areas that they may need help improvement with. This provides each student with a one-on-one learning experience as though they were receiving private instruction.

School Yourself is a fantastic choice for students who want to get ahead at school, are motivated self-learners, or are home-schooled. It’s free for all, and this is reflective of School Yourself’s mission to bring math knowledge to all who seek it.

RSM Online

RSM Online

The Russian School of Mathematics is offered to children between the ages of 2-10. They teach kids to think about mathematics logically and conceptually. Over the past 25 years, RSM Online has been perfecting its methods to bring students the best live math instruction.

Children join a classroom of peers totaling no more than 10 between 2-4 hours a week. Many of those who join end up being students in the program year after year, progressing through the course with familiar faces. The courses can be taken as a supplement to in-person learning through traditional school or as a standalone platform.

Tuition at this math school is available upon request by visiting their website for details. Competitive students can join them to prepare for the national and international math Olympiads.

The Think Academy

Think Academy

The Think Academy has on-demand instruction courses for students K-12. Children simply sign up for the class that interests them or that will help them prep for tests and attend them per the schedule.

Classes at The Think Academy are structured like traditional in-school learning. Students attend lecture sessions, interact with the instructors and their peers, and work on assignments between classes. 

These are intensive programs, typically with a specific focus on SAT prep, achieving math honors at every level, and competition training. Pricing is on a per-course basis and is all-inclusive for that course, but a full semester course starts around $1000.

The Think Academy has in-person learning in addition to virtual lessons for students in California and Washington. Check the details of any course your child may be interested in to make sure whether it’s online or in-person.

Juni Learning

Juni Learning

Juni Learning utilizes a standards and discovery-based learning program to teach elementary and high school math. The 50-minute lessons are one-on-one and available seven days a week across all time zones in the United States, making Juni Learning a great option for supplemental education.

Kids can choose where to start based on where they are in their math journey or reach out to the staff at Juni Learning for an assessment and placement. This ensures that the student begins where they are most comfortable and most able to progress. Homework is also optional with Juni Learning but can help students retain some of the information learned. 

Juni Learning starts at just $275 a month, consisting of four classes a month, with the average duration for the course lasting 6-9 months. You can also sign up for coding and college prep services through their partnership programs.