KitHub for Family Maker Fun: A Review

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KitHub makes electronics kits for kids, educators and families. The business is the brainchild of two STEM Girls, Luz Rivas (profiled here) of DIY Girls and Tara Tiger-Brown founder of the family-friendly LA Makerspace. KitHub is offered as two ways. You can either buy a given month's themed kit on its own or subscribe for a gift that keeps on giving. The kits are designed for children ages six and up. No prior electronics experience is needed ... [ Read More ]

Meet Science Evangelist Ainissa Ramirez: It’s STEM Girl Friday!

Meet Science Evangelist Ainissa Ramirez on's STEM Girl Friday

Ainissa Ramirez is a science evangelist who is passionate about making science fun for everyone. She recently launched a new podcast, Science Underground. I heard that the TV show 3-2-1, Contact! changed your life. I was in junior high when that show debuted and I remember my science teacher offering us extra credit for watching it. How did you learn about the show and what was your epiphany? Growing up, my family loved PBS. It was the only ... [ Read More ]

Ozobot Review


I'm a little late for National Robotics Week and a lot early for the holiday season, but you're going to want to bookmark this for later. Meet Ozobot, a codeable robot that fits in the palm of your hand. At a price point of $49.99, it's one of the most affordable robots around. Ozobot Review Ozobot has several free associated apps for Android and iOS tablets (recommended for nine-inch screens or larger). Because I'm always trying to drag my ... [ Read More ]

colAR Mix App for 3D Coloring Fun

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Okay, so it's not the most sophisticated augmented reality experience available, but the colAR Mix App is  free to download. The app is available for Apple and Android systems. ColAR Mix App comes with free and paid options for kids of all ages to color and view their drawings in 3D. I say kids of all ages in case you haven't heard that adult coloring books are all the rage these days. First you download the app on your phone, then you print ... [ Read More ]

Egg-splosive Painting Fun!

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Last year we prepared a lot of blown eggs. That is we pricked a small hole in the top and bottom of raw eggs and blew out the innards to create hollow eggshells. I can't recall what my goal was, or if there even was a goal. But Easter came and went and I still had several empty eggshells sitting around. My niece was over for a visit and we decided to use the shells for new form of art--egg painting. As in painting with eggs, not on them. Egg ... [ Read More ]

The Maker Mom’s Kickstarter Picks

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A Facebook friend recently started a conversation about charitable donations. She was wondering if, in addition to any major donations, her friends also set aside a chunk to dole out in bits of tens and twenties for friends doing charity projects, like cancer cure walks and such. I've wondered along a similar vein in terms of Kickstarter projects. Of course, Kickstarter projects are typically business projects. But I have an increasing number of ... [ Read More ]

Puro Wireless Headphone Review

Puro Headphones for Kids Review

Last year I had the opportunity to review a sweet pair of wireless headphones. They performed well, but came with a high price point. So when the folks at Puro Sound Labs started talking to me about review of the kid-friendly BT220, which retail for $79.99, I was all ears. I'm old enough to remember the joys of the Sony Walkman, but wireless headphones take portable sound to a new level. With their Bluetooth 4.0 connection, users can get their ... [ Read More ]