How to Make Simple Stretchy Slime

How to make slime. Gooey stretchy slime. Recipe on

I’m delighted to be back with yet another activity on behalf of GOJO Industries, the makers of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer. And just in time for Halloween, we will be making slime, which is also sometimes called gak or flubber.  Making this borax-free slime requires just two basic supplies that you may already have on hand. It’s easy to mix up and you’ll definitely want to smoosh and squish it to experience a full range of oozy tactile ... [ Read More ]

Meet STEM Girl Friday Stephanie Reeves

Meet Stephanie Reeves on STEM Girl Friday at!

Stephanie Reeves is an Engineering Advisor at Chevron, managing the Facilities Engineering Framework in the Chevron San Joaquin Valley Business Unit. Previously, she worked as a Petroleum Engineer and served in the U.S. Army. It's not often that one sees a LinkedIn profile that includes cheerleading, West Point and petroleum engineering. What makes you tick? Even though I’ve had an unconventional path, my love of challenges and having a chance ... [ Read More ]

Interview with Andy Weir, Author of The Martian

Date: 09-15-15
Location: JSC & Cinemark Webster
Subject: Tour given to cast members of movie The Martian Mackenzie Davis and Sebastian Stan prior to the movie premier at Cinemark theater.
Photographer: James Blair

When I received an offer to interview Andy Weir, author of The Martian (affiliate link), I knew enough to say yes even though I hadn't read the book. I only had a handful of hours between that offer and the interview, so when I saw my friend, science fiction lover and author Karen Smith, mention the book in a Facebook post, I offered her the opportunity and she eagerly accepted. I'm currently reading the book in preparation for this week's ... [ Read More ]

How to Make Electroactive Slime

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Are you planning a Halloween party? Electroactive slime, sometime called electric slime, provides the perfect opportunity to show off your spooky scientific powers. You can fool partygoers into thinking that you’re controlling the electroactive goop with your telekinetic powers. That is, until you explain the science behind the trick. How to Make Electroactive Slime Supplies Vegetable oil Cornstarch A balloon or 3x3 piece of Styrofoam ... [ Read More ]

National Manufacturing Day 2015

National Manufacturing Day. Look for details on

It's no secret that I love behind-the-scenes tours. I think it's fascinating to see how things get made. And as we discussed during the recent #STEMchat on STEM at Work in Manufacturing, many people don't have a sense of what a modern manufacturing facility looks like. That's one of the reasons we now have a National Manufacturing Day. It's also one of the reasons I worked with Alcoa Foundation and SkillsUSA earlier this year to clear up ... [ Read More ]

Meet Lucas B., Maker Kid!

Meet Maker Kid Lucas Bourgeois. on

Over the years, I've introduced you to STEM Moms and Maker Dads, but not that many kids. I know that Maker Mom readers have Maker Kids, so I'm going to start featuring these kids and their projects every now and then. Drop me a note at TheMakerMom at hotmail dot com if you'd like to see your child showcased. And now let me introduce you to Lucas Bourgeois, Maker Kid. Lucas is a 10-year-old sixth grader from San Jose, California. His mom is a ... [ Read More ]