Kicking off a Weekend of STEM Fun

March STEMchat on Everyday Science

We'll be setting the stage for a weekend of STEM fun with this evening's #STEMChat on Twitter. Join in with our fantastic group of panelists--we've got parents, we've got educators, we've got STEM professionals (some of the panelists are all three)! We're going to have a blast sharing ideas and resources that encourage kids to find the science in everyday life thanks to our sponsor, the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge! This ... [ Read More ]

Start Your Pi Day with Pi Cakes

pi day collage marked

What good fortune it is to have Pi Day, 3/14, fall on a Saturday this year. That means you have plenty of time to make these awesome Pi Cakes, Pi Day Pancakes, for breakfast. I made these for my family last year and they were a hit, partly because of the recipe, which you'll find below, and partly because of the surprise theme. I was feeling pretty proud of myself managing the to draw a reverse Pi with batter for (not quite) perfectly ... [ Read More ]

Chicago Northside Maker Faire: Call for Makers

Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire

It's that time again! The Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire is gearing up for their 3rd year and they're on the hunt for cool people making cool things. The Faire will once again be held at Schurz High School and is being coordinated thanks to the Urban School Foundation and local maker Christina Pei. Are you a maker, crafter, do-er, DIYer or tinkerer? Do you have a way with a soldering iron? A lathe? Knitting needles? Do you have a knack for ... [ Read More ]

Applying Science to Everyday Life: March #STEMchat

Discovery 3M Young Scientist Challenge

Join in Thursday evening, March 5 at 9 PM Eastern for the March #STEMchat. We're partnering once again with the premiere science competition for middle school students, the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. This year, the theme for our chat is applying science to everyday life. Join us for #STEMchat on Twitter Thursday, March 5 from 9 – 10 PM Eastern. The Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge is a fantastic science ... [ Read More ]

More Big Hero 6 Science (and Math)

Disney's Big Hero 6 science

Nerds all across the country cheered when Disney's Big Hero 6 won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. I did, at least. I'm a big fan of the movie. Shortly after its debut, I wrote a post featuring a few fun at-home science experiments inspired by the movie's female characters, Honey Lemon and GoGo Tomago. (I also had a chance to interview Disney Animation CTO, Andy Hendrickson and the movie's technical supervisor, Hank Driskill.) I've ... [ Read More ]

Make a Cell Mosaic with Guest Artist Rachel Nador

Make a Cell Mosiac with Rachel Nador on

I'm thrilled to have my talented friend sharing a project today. Artist Rachel Nador takes us through the process of creating a cell mosaic. I'm what's called a 3D modeller or 3D graphic artist. I've created 3D graphics for video games, film, web, medical and science software, and more. I have a traditional art background, and I like to balance my time on the computer with doing something tangible. Lately I've been creating mosaics. Years ... [ Read More ]

Meet The Robot Lady, Kathy Moseler: It’s STEM Girl Friday!

Engineer Kathy Moseler on STEM Girl Friday on

Kathy Moseler, AKA The Robot Lady, is president of Paradise Robotics, a Chicago-area robotics retailer that specializes in helping educators improve their STEM offerings. You can find her on Twitter as @TheRobotLady. As you are likely aware, women are underrepresented engineering these days. What was it like when you earned your engineering degrees in the 1980s? I'm glad you asked this, it's very sad to say it was not much different in the ... [ Read More ]