Roboism: Robots + Feminism Podcast. It’s STEM Girl Friday

roboism podcast

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled on a fun new podcast: Roboism, a feminist-minded podcast about robots. The weekly podcast is hosted by Chicagoans Savannah Million, a designer/developer (who also has a cool STEM day job) and Alex Cox, who makes documentaries (and also has a cool day job). It's a an enjoyable listen. The Roboism podcast is not hard core robotics talk, nor is it hard-core feminism. It's two women hanging out talking about robots ... [ Read More ]

Introducing Sphero SPRK

Sphero SPRK robot reviewed at

It's exciting to try new technology shortly after it's released, but it's even better seeing the products evolve and improve over time. My boys have enjoyed Sphero and Ollie, but it's time to welcome the Sphero SPRK Edition, the latest edition to the Sphero family. The Sphero SPRK Edition has all the playfulness and durability of the original Sphero but is clearly designed with learning in mind. Its outer shell is transparent! Sphero SPRK SPRK ... [ Read More ]

When Science Goes to the Dogs

Learn how National Dog Day can be a springboard for science fun at!

Tomorrow, 8/26, is National Dog Day. Admittedly, it's not the kind of special STEM day or week I typically call attention to, but it's a fun jumping off point for science exploration. It's also a chance to share exciting news--for next couple of months, I'll be writing a weekly guest post over at the Young Scientist Challenge blog. I've hosted STEMchats and written about the Discovery 3M Young Scientist Challenge in the past. Now, I'm adding ... [ Read More ]

The New Code Master Game from ThinkFun

Code Master game by ThinkFun teaches the logic of computer programming. Read the mom-tested review on

The Young Maker Teen and I recently tried our hands at yet another new offering from ThinkFun that was sent to us for review, Code Master. The programming logic game gets players thinking like coders, but it does not teach a specific programming language. When it comes to teaching programming logic, no doubt there's an app for that, but as Robot Turtles inventor Dan Shapiro says, "It's not like you need to give kids a reason to stare at a ... [ Read More ]

My Kid Won the Verizon App Challenge and Yours Can Too

Verizon App Challenge

When I say that my son, Isaac Moldofsky, won the Verizon Innovative App Challenge, I don't mean it in the traditional sense. Indeed, the Verizon folks only know him as some kid whose name appeared on an entry form back in 2013. I'll explain below how he won. But first, read about the 2016 Challenge. Verizon App Challenge This competition is all about the ideas. The challenge is open to middle school (grades 6-8) and high school students (grades ... [ Read More ]

Future City 2016 Challenge Topic

Future City is a great engineering competition for middle school students. Read more at

Future City is an engaging engineering competition for middle school students. It's one of the most affordable STEM team competitions around and  has a low barrier to entry. I attended the Future City finals in Washington, D.C. a couple of years ago to provide social media coverage. I was impressed by what I learned and the people I met--students, teachers and engineers. I wouldn't normally trash talk this organization, but trash is actually ... [ Read More ]

Teknikio’s E-Textile Kit

Review of Teknikio's e-textile kit on

I'd been itching to dabble in e-textiles, or electronic textiles, when I was offered a review kit from Teknikio early this year. They've since rebranded ans switched things up a bit so this is sort of two reviews in one. Teknikio is a new small business helping kids (of all ages) expand their ability to design and engineer amazing things. I think kits are great for exploring new hobbies and the $15 Fabtronic Sewing Set is no ... [ Read More ]