Banana Graffiti

banana graffiti at

Move over book graffiti, there's a tastier form of parent-approved vandalism in da house... Banana Graffiti! It's simple, and somewhat spy-like. Just use a toothpick, end of a wooden match, or even your fingernail to etch out a message on the banana skin. Over the course of a few hours, the message will darken as the bruises oxidize and they become visible to the world. Of course we were just monkeying around here at the Maker House. Search ... [ Read More ]

Microbes: The Next Big Thing

Tiny Creatures: Book about microbes for kids

I'm not kidding when I say that microbes are the next big thing.  Barely a week goes by without some new report discussing our microbiomes, linking gut health with mental health or chronic illness. Take this piece from last week's Science Friday show (bonus you can listen to it; no eye strain required). That's why I'm excited about this: A book about microbes for young children. Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes by Nicola Davies, ... [ Read More ]

Kids who Love Science #STEMchat

Kitchen science for kids book

Two years ago The Maker Mom was just a couple of months old. I gathered a couple of online friends for a silly experiment. Let's bring people together to talk STEM on Twitter, I suggested. Liz from Kitchen Pantry Science, who had just released her Kid Science App, and the amazing Joanne, AKA Science Goddess, obliged. That was the first #STEMchat. I was afraid that the three of us, along with my friend Yvonne, who was also a panelist, were just ... [ Read More ]

THOR SMS App for Hot Topics in Reddit


I'm super proud of the Older Maker Teen for making something. Last week he created a really cool text app for reddit! Reddit is a popular news site, a social network, a community. It skews male and techy. Maybe young, too? At any rate, OMT was procrastinating on some back-to-school summer homework and created a cool SMS app that let's you text to get links to hot topics on subreddits, smaller discussion groups, or communities, with the ... [ Read More ]

Three Great Links for Shark Week Science


Everyone is talking about Shark Week, including me, over at the Sylvan Blog! My post about what kids can learn from Shark Week includes great links to not only further the learning from Shark Week, but to help your discriminating young scientists separate shark fact from shark fiction. After all, there are some who insist that Shark Week has "jumped the shark." Also, over at the Bedtime Math blog, Derek has a great interview with a shark ... [ Read More ]

How to Do Book Graffiti


beforeI got the idea to do book graffiti from my friend Akemi, who often does interesting things with her boys. I picked up an old picture book at a recent garage sale. It was in decent shape, but beyond its prime, so I designated it for my project. I thought this *might* be something the Young Maker Teen would enjoy, but alas, he is too old to get a thrill from the otherwise verboten act of marking up a book.The idea with book ... [ Read More ]

Sol Republic Tracks Air Review + Giveaway


As a tech blogger, I get the chance to try out some cool products. Even better, I get to share products I like with you. Which is to say that I received a review pair of Sol Republic's Tracks Air SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Air Wireless Headphones (affiliate link) wireless on-ear headphones and I'm giving a pair away to one lucky reader! This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to our winner, Angie! They require some very basic assembly. That is, you ... [ Read More ]