Maker Dad Book Review

Maker Dad book review from

In 2013, I had the honor of introducing Mark Frauenfelder, editor of Make, to a packed audience at the American Library Association conference. Mark told the eager audience that he was working on a new book,  one that focused on father-daughter DIY projects. It's here and it's called Maker Dad: Lunch Box Guitars, Antigravity Jars, and 22 Other Incredibly Cool Father-Daughter DIY Projects (affiliate link). I got my first look at Maker Dad when ... [ Read More ]

Kitchen Science Lab for Kids: Book Review with Video

Kitchen science fun with Kitchen Science Lab for Kids.

Just when you thought your holiday STEM gift shopping was done, well, it's not. Today and tomorrow I'm featuring two of my favorite new books for STEM and Maker-loving families. First up, Liz Heinecke's Kitchen Science Lab for Kids. With 52 family-friendly experiments, this book makes it easy to commit to a year of science. What a great theme for 2015! Kitchen Science Fun Kitchen Science Lab for Kids is divided into 12 themed sections ... [ Read More ]

Teach Kids to Code with Youth Digital

Teach kids to code with Youth Digital Minecraft modding class

It's Hour of Code Week, also known as Computer Science Education Week. Schools and youth groups across the country are introducing kids to coding through tutorials at! The site offers loads of tutorials, some of which focus on coding logic and don't even require computers. My friend Beth Blecherman of the TechMamas blog has a great post for parents about teaching kids to code. It's full of resources and useful tips. A few weeks ago, I ... [ Read More ]

Wearables That Track More Than Our Steps

High tech wearable that tracks environmental health

We think about today's high tech wearables helping us get or stay fit, I'm already 8,000 steps in and it's only 2:00!, or maybe giving us another way to check Twitter or email on the fly, but some companies are taking wearables a step further. Why not use tiny sensors to measure more than a person's health? A short while back I shared how one company is attaching sensors to surf boards to measure ocean health. A wearable for surfboards, if you ... [ Read More ]

Science Experiments Inspired by Big Hero 6

Science and STEM Projects inspired by Big Hero 6 at

Big Hero 6 Science Fun Inspired by Honey Lemon and GoGo Tomago Do you love Disney's Big Hero 6 as much as I do? It's exciting, adventurous, and features two super smart and highly capable STEM girls. That's why I'm shining this week's STEM Girl Friday spotlight on the movie's Honey Lemon and GoGo Tomago. I'm also sharing science and STEM exploration activities inspired by the pair. You can meet the full team of heroes in the video at the bottom ... [ Read More ]

Circuit Stickers Review and Giveaway

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I received the Circuit Stickers starter pack for review and liked it enough to include the recently released product in my top STEM gift picks for 2014. I'm a fan of teaching kids basic electronics. I've written raved about products like Snap Circuits and littleBits (affiliate links) that help kids, and adults, learn circuitry basics. Circuit Stickers are a fun, new addition to the electronics arsenal and they offer an intriguing STEAM (STEM + ... [ Read More ]

Hexbug VEX Robots You Build Yourself

Build your own Hexbug VEX robot!

When he was in elementary school, The Young Maker Teen, was a big fan of Hexbug Nano, those tiny robotic bugs that are essentially gussied up bristlebots. I recall looking at him one day surrounded by various "habitats" spread out in our basement with lots of the critters buzzing around thinking, "Wow, he's spent a lot of his gift money on Hexbugs." I'm quite certain I thought it and didn't speak it, but a few seconds later, as if he reading my ... [ Read More ]