Meet Lyssa Neel, PhD and CEO of LinkItz: It’s STEM Girl Friday!

STEM Girl Lyssa Neel Linkitz

Lyssa Neel, PhD, is the CEO & co-founder of Linkitz Systems Inc., which is making a technology toy for girls ages 4-8. As of posting time, the company is in the final week of their Kickstarter campaign and closing in on their ambitious goal. What motivated you to earn degrees in engineering and computer science (at MIT, no less)? I loved computers from the first day time I programmed one in junior high school. I just loved that idea ... [ Read More ]

Citizen Science with SciGirls: STEMchat Recap


Thanks again to SciGirls for sponsoring last week's #STEMchat on citizen science. In true #STEMchat style, the chatters were a nice blend of interested parents, educators, and real-life scientists with loads of ideas and resources to share. Here's a recap of key discussion points and great ways to dive into citizen science. What is Citizen Science? At its heart, citizen science is simply involving everyday people in scientific research. You can ... [ Read More ]

Robot Revolution at MSI

Robot Revolution Exhibit

Last week while I was hosting #STEMchat, my husband and the Young Maker Teen were working their way through just about the coolest display of the most amazing robots ever to gather in one place, Robot Revolution exhibit at Chicago's MSI, Museum of Science and Industry. This should be the background for Night at the Museum 3 4 5. The exhibit just opened and will be in town until January 2016, so I have plenty of time to visit. And so do you. ... [ Read More ]

Get in Gear with ThinkFun’s New Maker Studio Sets

Thinkfun Gear set

Your probably know ThinkFun from their brain teasers, logic games and puzzles, like Rush Hour and the Laser Maze, but earlier this year the brand launched an exciting new Maker Studio line. Please note this post contains affiliate links. Thinkfun's Maker Studio Kits There are three construction kits in the Maker Studio family- Gears, Winches and Propellers. We were sent a review sample of the Gears Set. Each kit sells for $19.99 and ... [ Read More ]

Hands-First STEM Fun with PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer

Hands-first STEM Fun with PURELL

It's only fitting that the Hands-First STEM Fun #STEMchat was, well, lot of fun. Thanks again to our sponsor PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer! All in all, we're a pretty adventurous group and try to instill that can-do spirit in our kids. We value developing a maker mindset over keeping clean. Read on to learn about some of our favorite activities and resources for STEM-loving families. Please note this post contains affiliate links. We started ... [ Read More ]

STEMchat with SciGirls on May 21!

#STEMchat with SciGirls

I've barely caught my breath from the last #STEMchat and suddenly it's time for another one. #STEMchat is usually a once-a-month affair, but when I was approached with the opportunity to collaborate with SciGirls, I couldn't pass up the chance to work with the inspiring and educational Emmy Award-winning series on PBS KIDS. Now in its third season, the show features real-life girls and mentors engaging in science, citizen science. As the ... [ Read More ]

Teen Appathon Registration is Open

Appathon for Civic Hacking Day

The Teen Appathon is almost here! It will take place on Saturday, May 30 from 9 AM to 6 PM at the Skokie Public Library. And no, it's not drop-in session or a class, it's a full day of learning and working to build technology solutions to help our community. Also fun! With lots of snacks! A long day might sound intimidating to some, but for teens with a mission, it's just right. And for some, it's just practice for the 24-36 hour hackathons ... [ Read More ]