PBL, Project-Based Learning in STEM: November STEMchat Recap


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the November #STEMchat on Project-Based Learning in STEM education, our panelists, and our sponsor, It's About Time, we had a lively chat on PBL in STEM education. Here's are a few key tips from our discussion along with helpful resources for anyone who wants to learn more about PBL STEM education. Before I present the recap, I want to share an important post that IAT recently published on their blog. IAT ... [ Read More ]

Rani Shah: STEM Girl Friday

Rani Shah of Monkey Bars Chicago, STEM Girl Friday

Rani Shah Rani is a recent ChemE grad from the Illinois Institute of Technology. When she’s not attempting to simply navigate life a 20-something in the big city, she works at Chicago start-up MonkeyBars learning how to disrupt the way businesses approach ideation and technology education. Congratulations on your recent degree! What motivated you to get involved in Chicago's tech and start-up scene rather than take a traditional ... [ Read More ]

Geography Awareness Week

Geography Awareness Week Free Printable

Geography Awareness Week runs November 16 - 22, 2014. When my boys competed in a Geography Bee as elementary school kids, it seemed like the typical fare - countries, rivers, land forms, and such. It wasn't until last year, when interviewed a geographer, Emily White, that I realized how exciting and broad the field is. My new enthusiasm gained momentum as I hosted a #STEMchat on the topic. This year, I'm taking things in a new direction (ha!) ... [ Read More ]

Introducing Yellow Scope Science Kits for Girls

Yellow Scope Science Kits for Girls

It sounds like the set-up for a joke: two moms walked into a bar. Only it wasn't a bar it was their kids' school. And they weren't just moms, they were scientists, too. In the name of viral blog posts, you won't believe what happened next. Okay. You'll believe it. Here's the scoop on the Yellow Scope gals. The Yellow Scope Girls caught my eye during the September #STEMchat. I learned that they make science kits for girls. Science kits for ... [ Read More ]

Join in to Discuss Project-Based Learning (PBL) on STEMchat on 11/13

STEMchat sponsor It's About Time PBL for STEM

We've all experienced the tedium of rote memorization. We feel frustrated when our kids are asked to digest facts and simply regurgitate them back for the next test, pushing that information aside when it's time to memorize the next chunk of information because yet another test is coming. Many of us remember this from our own days in school. But there's another approach that many schools are embracing, project-based learning, or PBL. PBL ... [ Read More ]

Hank Driskill, Technical Supervisor, Disney Animation

Disney Animation on The Maker Mom

  Meet Hank Driskill, Technical Supervisor at Disney Animation I connected with Hank as part of a press tour (a virtual one done from the comfort of our respective offices) for the new Disney movie, Big Hero 6. The movie comes out November 7, but I got to watch a preview last week. Big Hero 6 is a visual feast. It's fun and exciting with the exception the requisite very sad death scene and also a parting later on. The former is a necessary ... [ Read More ]

Learn to Code with a Comic Book

Build Your Own Website Comic Book reviewed on The Maker Mom

A couple of months ago, a friend pointed out Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS, and WordPress and I thought that might be just the thing I need to get started. I recently put on my big girl blogger panties and moved (read: paid someone to move) this site over to WordPress. I've always appreciated the ease and simplicity of Google's Blogger platform, but I knew it was time to move on. That said, not only did I pay someone to ... [ Read More ]