Best STEM Summer Camps In Atlanta 2024

STEM Camps in Atlanta

Book your child into a STEM/STEAM summer camp where they can sharpen their skills while having lots of fun. Focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math, STEM camps aim to fill the general gaps within those careers.  In a couple of cases, fees for these programs are covered by donors, making them completely free of …

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15 Best Math Competitions For Students

Math Competitions For Students

A little friendly math competition never hurts anyone, which is especially true for math. Children who participate in mathematics contests and competitions with other students their age can see some real benefits from their participation.  Math contests reinforce the math knowledge participants have already accumulated, teach them to problem-solve faster, and enjoy the camaraderie of …

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Best Online Photography Classes For Kids

Online photography classes for kids

Photography is an excellent way for children to embrace creativity while exploring their world. It teaches the importance of practice and the rewards that come from repetition and provides a lifelong memory every time they press the capture button. Learning photography is easier than ever thanks to the abundance of technology and instant access to …

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15 Best Art Contests & Competitions For Kids

Art Contests For Kids

The benefits of art contests for a growing young mind are numerous. Young artists can see a rise in confidence, higher self-esteem, and greater stress tolerance when faced with challenges. Children can get in on the action of competition, honing skills, developing new relationships, and improving their craft. Finding art competitions is easier than ever …

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11 Best Online Piano Lessons For Kids 2023

Online piano lessons for kids

Learning how to play piano is a great way for children to develop creativity, improve memory, and gain confidence. In this modern age of computerized everything, kids have an amazing opportunity to learn how to play from the comfort of home with online piano lessons. It makes scheduling much easier for parents who don’t need …

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Best Online Robotics Classes For Kids 2023

Online Robotics Classes

Robotics is an exciting field within the already in-demand range of careers within STEM. Kids will love classes centered around robotics for the same reason they enjoy make-believe. It allows them to activate their creativity side and see it produce tangible results. Children have no shortage of options for online robotics classes to attend. The …

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Best STEM Summer Camps In Chicago 2023

STEM Camps In Chicago

Is it possible that all those hours your child spends on their computer will lead to a lucrative career?

With the right guidance, all that screen time may pay off! To help that process, we’re presenting Chicago’s most comprehensive guide to STEM camps. Whether your children are in elementary school, middle school, or high school, these Chicago stem summer camps can ignite their passion for science and technology or fan the flames that are already burning.

Read our other page if you’re looking for nationwide STEM programs.

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