Tynker Review

Tynker logo

Tynker is a premium service that teaches children how to code and provides them with other valuable life skills. Coding is a fantastic way to express creativity, increase critical thinking, and prepare kids for the future. Technology is inevitably linked to the future, and children who learn how to code at Tynker will have an …

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10 Best Online Coding Classes For Kids 2023

kids coding

Learning to code can help your children develop important technical and soft skills. These online classes can provide an interactive environment where students learn valuable knowledge that can also benefit them academically in other areas like math and science. It can also help bolster their college application, especially if they’re applying to a STEM program. …

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20 Best STEM Books For Kids

stem books

Schools around the world rely on STEM curriculums to give children practical, applicable knowledge and a path to lifelong success. Science, technology, engineering, and math encompass a large and growing career field for future generations. Introducing STEM concepts to kids at an early age through books can give them a chance to excel at these …

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15 Best STEM Competitions & Contests For Students 2023

STEM competition list

STEM competitions are a great way to encourage kids interested in the fields to push themselves and achieve excellence. These competitions can bolster STEM skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving while working with a team to accomplish a goal. These competitions reward winners with recognition, monetary prizes, and mentorship under brilliant minds. You can find contests …

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Best Chicago STEM Summer Camps 2023

graphic announcing the 2022 Summer STEM Camp Guide

graphic announcing the 2022 Chicago Summer STEM Camp Guide

Is it possible that all those hours your child spends on their computer will lead to a lucrative career? With the right guidance, all that screen time may pay off! To help that process, we’re presenting Chicago’s most comprehensive guide to STEM and STEAM camps guide. Whether your children are in elementary school, middle school, or high school, these camps can ignite their passion for science and technology or fan the flames that are already burning.

Read our other page if you’re looking for nationwide STEM programs.

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Klutz Maker Lab Circuit Games Review

Klutz Maker Lab Circuit Games Review from The Maker Mom

This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Klutz. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own. Understanding the basics of circuitry is a key STEM skill. Makers should also be familiar with the basic elements of electronics, so I’m always on the lookout for new ways to introduce …

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Cozmo Robot Review

Cozmo Robot Review

As promised in my National Robotics Week post, I’ve got a review of Cozmo (affiliate link), an adorable AI- and personality-driven palm-sized robot. Anki’s PR team sent me the product for review. Created by three roboticists from Carnegie Mellon and designed with the input of Pixar artists and animators, Cozmo is endearing, engaging, and a bit (okay, …

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