7 Best Animation Classes For Kids

animation classes

Animation classes are the ultimate playground for children’s creativity and self-expression. Giving your children skills in different hand-drawing and computer animation processes is like putting a magic wand in their hands.  Animation serves as a unique medium that blends the principles of engaging storytelling with the cornerstones of art. And the best part about these …

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11 Best Coding Robots For Kids Of All Ages

coding robots

Thanks to technological innovations and forward-thinking toy companies, all of the benefits coding provides to older children can be taught to a younger crowd. Children can learn to code as early as 3 and receive immediate benefits like increased critical thinking skills, memory, and spatial awareness. The old days of learning from dusty books and …

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7 Best Roblox Coding Classes of 2023

roblox coding classes

Roblox has quickly become one of the most popular platforms in the world. Roblox allows users to play and create games, socialize with one another, and spend virtual money. These experiences include roleplay, adventure, fighting, obstacle courses, and more.  Given the variety of experiences, it comes as no surprise that Roblox is incredibly popular with …

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7 Simple Machine Projects For Students To Try

simple machine projects

Before the age of power tools and complex machinery, simple machines were used to make work easier and move heavy objects from one location to another. Using leverage, these simple machines can multiply force with few, if any, moving parts. Simple machines are a great way of introducing children of all ages to fundamental engineering …

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12 Best STEM Subscription Boxes For Kids 2023

stem subscription boxes

If you’re looking for a great way to maintain your children’s curiosity and attention, STEM subscription boxes can help. It’s not always easy to plan science experiments or hands-on learning activities for kids. These boxes manage the hard part for you and provide a learning experience for them in a single monthly package.  STEM boxes …

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Best Minecraft Coding Classes For Kids 2023

Minecraft classes

Minecraft has taken the world by storm, and with it kids everywhere can build real-life skills while immersed in worlds of their own creation.  The imagination that children naturally possess becomes an asset that can serve them for the future when they apply it to coding in Minecraft. Computer programming provides a strong base for …

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Best STEM Toys For 9 To 10 Year Olds

stem toys 9 to 10

Playtime can be quite an educational experience for children when they play with the right toys. STEM toys promote creativity, increase hand-eye coordination and allow kids to develop critical thinking skills, among much more. The natural curiosity of kids can serve them well as they play their way to a greater understanding of science and …

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