Advice for Parents of a Gifted Kindergarteners

gifted kindergartener

Here’s what happens when someone asks me to share advice about her gifted kindergartner, a child who is not quite fitting in with his classmates. I can’t just share great tips, even though that would be a lot more friendly to search traffic. Here is some advice for parents who want their gifted kindergartener to succeed. Every choice …

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15 Best STEM Competitions & Contests For Students 2023

STEM competition list

STEM competitions are a great way to encourage kids interested in the fields to push themselves and achieve excellence. These competitions can bolster STEM skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving while working with a team to accomplish a goal. These competitions reward winners with recognition, monetary prizes, and mentorship under brilliant minds. You can find contests …

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Eight Tips to Inspire Girls to Code

Earlier this year The Maker Mom partnered with Tamasin Ford of Power Up Tech Academy, to host a mother-daughter coding program, Apps and Snacks. The coding workshop was designed to introduce girls and their mothers (or older supportive woman) to programming in a relaxed environment. To do a girls-only program is one thing, but my …

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A Tale of Two Subscription Boxes

The Maker Mom reviews The Maker Box.

I’m reviewing two different subscriptions kits today: Maker Box and Stem Box. Please note that I was sent these for review and these are past, not current, versions of the boxes. Please also note, this is no smackdown as the products are not equals. The Maker Box is for teens on up and Stem Box …

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What’s Project-Based Learning For STEM?

The Maker Mom's Gears

Here’s are a few key tips along with helpful resources for anyone who wants to learn more about PBL STEM education. Before I present the recap, I want to share an important post that IAT recently published on their blog. IAT co-founder, Laurie Kreindler cautioned parents and educators to be wary of educational publishers who …

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