Best STEM Summer Camps In Nashville (2024)

STEM Camps in Nashville

From outdoor exploration to observing the universe from afar, there is a diverse array of STEM camps in Nashville. These programs are open to campers as young as four years old all the way up to high school seniors. As one of the top cities for STEM workers and careers, it’s not surprising that kids start …

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Best STEM Curriculums for K-12 Schools

STEM Curriculums for Schools

STEM is the future of education, and schools that hope to be a part of it need to adopt a curriculum for these in-demand skills. Children all around the world are beginning to learn about STEM at a younger age, and the basics begin as early as elementary school. This can put students on the …

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Best Online Schools For Gifted Students

Online schools for gifted students

The benefits of online schools for gifted students are worth considering for those outpacing their classmates in traditional schools. Through these schools, students can engage with like-minded peers on the same level as them, work at a pace they are comfortable with, and enjoy access to a wider range of advanced studies for their grade …

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9 Best Online Homeschool Programs

Online homeschool programs

As education trends change, some students may require different forms of learning to meet their specific needs. That’s why homeschooling programs are becoming more and more popular. Sometimes public or private school curriculums don’t give kids the individual attention necessary to thrive and excel. With online homeschooling, children can learn independently at their own pace.  …

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15 Best Enrichment Activities For Kids

Enrichment Activities For Kids

Enrichment activities give kids a chance to explore the things that they’re interested in outside of school that may not be offered as a class.  These are fun extracurricular activities with the sole purpose of enriching the lives of children and broadening their horizons. Before we get into the list of enrichment activities, we’ll briefly …

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15 Best Math Competitions For Students

Math Competitions For Students

A little friendly math competition never hurts anyone, which is especially true for math. Children who participate in mathematics contests and competitions with other students their age can see some real benefits from their participation.  Math contests reinforce the math knowledge participants have already accumulated, teach them to problem-solve faster, and enjoy the camaraderie of …

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15 Best Art Contests & Competitions For Kids

Art Contests For Kids

The benefits of art contests for a growing young mind are numerous. Young artists can see a rise in confidence, higher self-esteem, and greater stress tolerance when faced with challenges. Children can get in on the action of competition, honing skills, developing new relationships, and improving their craft. Finding art competitions is easier than ever …

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