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9 Best Online Homeschool Programs

As education trends change, some students may require different forms of learning to meet their specific needs. That’s why homeschooling programs are becoming more and more popular.

Sometimes public or private school curriculums don’t give kids the individual attention necessary to thrive and excel. With online homeschooling, children can learn independently at their own pace. 

Online homeschooling is wide in scope, and there are all kinds of accredited programs for K-12. Choose from Christian faith-based programs to those that simply offer homeschooling tools for easier learning.

Middle and high school online homeschooling programs offer language learning, computer sciences, or business classes to boost skill levels and enhance future career opportunities.

For parents with an interest in homeschooling, we’ve looked into some of the best for all ages and invite you to take a look below. 

Online homeschool programs

Northgate Academy

Northgate Academy

Northgate Academy is an all-denominational Christian online homeschool academy. They offer high school diplomas, college prep programs, and adult high school diplomas. Northgate’s faith-based curriculum holds to rigorous USA national standards while presenting all required subjects from a Christian worldview.

With Northgate homeschooling, outstanding educators assist students to learn at their own pace, and parents have online access to all classwork and study materials. Course materials are accessed online, and students can attend homeschooling from anywhere in the world. Tutoring is included, so children get any extra help they need outside of class.  

Admission to Northgate Academy’s affordable online homeschooling program is year-round and transferring from a public high school is easy. A high school diploma from Northgate is well-respected in the academic community and can be used to apply to any nationally accredited university or college and for job employment.


code wizards

CodeWizardsHQ offers extensive computer programming classes for homeschoolers between ages 8-18. They’ve perfected the art of teaching kids to learn coding in a fun and practical way.

CodeWizardsHQ believes that learning how to code helps students thrive in our world of ever-increasing digital engagement. Teacher-led 12-week coding classes top off at 8 students and allow them to meet up virtually to work together. 

Little ones (age 8-10) learn elementary skills in block-based coding and then move on to text-based coding. Middle schoolers study Python, plus JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. From there, they learn to build websites.

High school students learn the Python language in-depth and graduates qualify for a real-world internship with a non-profit organization. All CodeWizardsHQ programs include live support during office hours. 

Adding their STEM classes to your child’s homeschooling curriculum gives them a welcoming advantage for a future career!


ABC Mouse

ABCMouse is an online educational resource for young children 2-8 years old. Their easy-learning curriculum with STEM courses is age-based, taking children through the process of learning with a series of entertaining activities.

A wide variety of subjects are available, including math, reading, writing, art, language arts, plus science and social studies with their 850 lessons. ABCMouse’s programs use many mediums to encourage learning, such as online books, games, animations, songs, puzzles, and printables.

Parents can follow their children’s growth with a Progress Tracker. Online classrooms include animated features such as a classroom aquarium, an interactive farm, and award tickets to encourage participation and enhance math skills with their classes.

ABCMouse’s reasonably priced ($12.99/month) step-by-step learning classes can be taken by the month with no obligation. As your child moves to the next progressive step of discovery, you’ll see that ABCMouse is a homeschool teaching tool that encourages children to love learning.

ICL Academy

ICL Academy

ICL Academy is a private online high school geared for high-achieving students whose extracurricular activities demand a unique form of study. ICL Academy offers a complete high school online curriculum with live teachers and peer group interaction.

Many of ICL’s students are sports enthusiasts, such as those undergoing training in tennis, water sports, winter sports, volleyball, and more. Or, they might be focusing on a career in music, film, or television, among other passions. 

At ICL Academy, required high school subjects are taught through the lens of the student’s specific interest. Experts in the student’s chosen field provide inspiration and mentorship. Plus, each child has the support of their online classmates and peer groups who align with their passion.

Weekly scheduling, rather than the usual high school block scheduling, also prepares students for future college classes. ICL students get a high level of personal attention, dynamic interaction with professionals in their field, and a challenging course curriculum to help them achieve academic success.

The Good And Beautiful

The Good and Beautiful

The Good and Beautiful makes homeschooling easy with K-8 grade homeschooling modules. Their mission is to provide wholesome literature and subject lessons that help create beautiful, well-rounded hearts and minds. Bringing children closer to God and their families is the cornerstone of this faith-based homeschooling program.

Their affordable and award-winning online learning system combines strong academic course material for language arts and literature and math. The program encourages children to prefer uplifting literature, a practice that forms strong personal values that children carry with them as they grow in education and life. 

The Good and Beautiful offers free resources, such as placement tests, learning apps, homeschooling videos, and informative blogs. They provide support for parents to get them started on homeschooling their kids and continued support while they remain in the program. 

Demme Learning

Demme Learning

This family-owned company specializes in homeschooling programs that inspire children to become lifelong learners. Since the 1990s, Demme Learning has become a leader in homeschooling for ages PreK-12. Their Christian faith-based philosophy involves parental involvement at each step of the learning process.

With the Demme Learning program, each child learns according to developmental ability. Not only is information taught, but the underlying concepts behind subjects are also explored. The program supplies ample tools for subject review and mastery before moving ahead to the next level of study.

Demme Learning’s strong emphasis on family and parental guidance has proven to be a successful aspect of holistic learning. All of Demme’s learning modules, including grammar and writing, approach learning from a natural and progressive angle. 

This teaching method encourages analytical reasoning plus a comprehensive understanding of every subject.

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool

Easy Peasy all in One Homeschool

This well-respected Christian homeschool program offers complete online learning resources for preschool through high school. Their curriculum is free and open for all homeschoolers to use. They don’t require enrollment or provide records but they do offer course material that supports grade-level learning.

With Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool, parents can determine each child’s grade-level placement. Then all children can be guided through the same themed courses, with grade-level specifics for each child. Once you create an account, you can add all your kids and begin using the curriculum modules and lessons. 

The free lesson plans provide printable worksheets, so you can create a workbook if desired. Subject plans suggest videos, writing exercises, and other activities as applicable.

For those who want control over their children’s education, this do-it-yourself free resource is perfect. All-In-One does not offer phone support, but you can find plenty of Facebook groups. It’s easy to meet online with other parents, ask questions, and exchange ideas.



Abeka provides Pre-K through Grade 12 learning modules. With a successful and esteemed teaching history of over 40 years, Abeka supports Christian schools and homeschooling parents with course materials that cover all required disciplines from a traditional viewpoint.

Experts in every field create Abeka’s online video teachings, making the learning process engaging and fulfilling. Step-by-step guides accompany each course to increase student participation.

Parents can choose the accredited scholastic program that includes a diploma and free standardized testing or opt for an independent course of study to complement any learning pathway.

Adeka offers phone support to get you started and to help you select the learning program that is best for your child. Their well-rounded course of homeschool study covers required courses for each grade level, plus additional resources for age-appropriate electives.



EdX is part of the distinguished 2U, Inc. education platform. It was created by MIT and Harvard to make online learning available for anyone who wants to further their education.

EdX offers undergraduate, master’s, and career training certificates and degrees via its online learning medium. With edX, high school graduates can access some of the world’s finest university and learning institutions classes from the comfort of home at their own pace.

With advanced training, anyone can increase job opportunities by getting certified in fields ranging from architecture and software engineering to nursing, business management, and education. Even without prior education in a given field, one can start a career with new certifications!

Students can audit any edX open course (without course credit) for free! If your child wants to earn a certificate, fees range from $50-300 USD per course.

How should you choose a homeschooling program?

Your program selection should be based on your children’s best interests. It’s important to learn about an online school or academy’s philosophy and mission statement to make sure it aligns with your family’s beliefs. 

Before entering kids into homeschooling, parents should also understand which certifications, diplomas, and other documentation a school offers. You should always confirm that they’re certified and that if they offer diplomas, it’s accepted by the universities your child wants to eventually go to. 

What are the benefits of homeschooling?

As traditional school curricula don’t always meet the education needs of certain students, many families opt for homeschooling to ensure children are learning to the best of their abilities. 

Online homeschooling is also a great solution for kids who need more personal attention or learn at a different pace. Youth who are high achievers and are pursuing a sports-related or talent/performance passion also benefit from the freedom that online schooling provides. 

This ability to set up a different schedule than what a typical school requires provides the flexibility they need to excel at their skill. 

How much does homeschooling cost?

You might be surprised to find that homeschooling can be very economical. Most homeschooling academies are motivated to provide alternative options to students who have needs that fall outside the scope of public education or whose beliefs don’t align with public school presentations of course material. Therefore, some schools tend to keep their fees to a minimum.

Some online resources are absolutely free, while others charge only minimal monthly fees, ranging from $99/month to $16,000/year. Many schools offer flexible enrollment or free trials. 

Costs vary depending on whether you opt for course materials for home use or decide to enroll your child in online homeschooling with live instructors.

Most homeschooling academies also offer financial aid to help students in need.