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Best Online Drawing Classes For Kids

Learning how to draw can give children a range of benefits, including improved creativity, finer motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and a sense of joy and accomplishment. Drawing is a great way of expressing emotions and communicating without needing to use words.

Drawing can be learned with very little equipment and supplies and from any young age. With online drawing classes, your kids can learn to draw from the comfort of home at their own pace. 

Through these platforms below, students enjoy a cooperative and encouraging environment with other drawing enthusiasts and potentially develop a lifelong hobby and outlet. 

Online Drawing Classes For Kids

The Animation Course

the animation course

The Animation Course offers classes on the fundamentals of drawing for children ages 11-18. This course meets once a week over a period of twelve weeks, making it a full-fledged lesson plan. Every week includes between 2-4 hours of live interactive opportunities to discuss projects and attend Q&A sessions.

The topics covered include perspective, texture, line and shape, design, and light and shadow as they draw animals and objects. Courses are available in three formats including live instruction with grading, recorded instruction with grading, and recorded lessons only. You’re at liberty to choose the best way that your kids can learn. 

For children who have taken a real interest in drawing and want to improve their skills with the pencil beyond the level one introductory course, The Animation Course also offers a level two course. 

Students are able to improve their drawing skills while engaging with their peers and instructors through the platform. The Animation Course also has other classes on animation, introduction to Photoshop, and introduction to modeling and rigging.

Outschool How to Draw


Outschool is a great platform for children to learn about many forms of art, and this includes courses such as this Outschool How to Draw class for beginners. Kids ages 4-8 join a small class of anywhere between 2-12 other students with Mrs. Peters, a certified art instructor.

For the bargain price of just $9 per weekly session, kids get a live, 25-minute video session with a fantastic instructor and a group of new friendly faces to learn with. Mrs. Peters provides a structured but relaxed program to follow along with and a fun weekly drawing theme to engage their imaginations. 

Themes are whimsical and will be focused on fun drawings like animals, fire trucks, and spaceships. Every week is a new theme to explore with classmates and a chance to grow as young artists. As with all Outschool courses, there is no commitment and kids can attend as many classes as they’d like.

Brad’s Art School

Brad's Art School

Brad’s Art School is a great introduction to drawing through various short videos available for free through YouTube. Brad Colbrow, owner and operator of the channel created this platform because he saw how difficult it can be to start and he wanted to help. 

Since starting the channel, over 500,000 people have subscribed and have loved the straightforward, easy-to-understand videos that are great for beginners and kids.

In addition to a thriving YouTube channel, Brad’s Art School operates a website where you will find full courses available for purchase starting at only $15. These are geared toward beginners who are interested in learning about drawing but also include an introduction to digital art course and a getting started course for the popular Procreate app.

The video lessons at the Brad’s Art School YouTube channel are a great primer to get children started, and a full course through the website will have them drawing with confidence.

Drawing With Daisy

Drawing With Daisy

Drawing With Daisy is open to children between 4-14. She introduces students to drawing and coloring and helps them develop motor skills from a young age. The online drawing classes are live with Zoom and require very few supplies to start. 

They’ll just need a regular #2 pencil, a set of colored pencils, and some erasers to be ready to start drawing. Apart from technique, Daisy also covers shading, color theory, and proportion. 

Students who take the classes with Daisy will enjoy learning about new techniques from the comfort of home with a group of supportive classmates. Outside of the sessions, kids gain access to tutorial videos that can be used to further improve their skills and keep them interested.

In-person classes are available to children in the greater Chicago area and are hosted specifically in the Northwest Suburbs. Check out the website for more details if you live here. Children can also learn about digital art and painting. 



Craftsy is an on-demand video platform with full courses for purchase or unlimited access to the library with a premium subscription. Single classes are available starting at only $9 and a premium subscription starts at only $11 per month.

The Craftsy class selection for drawing alone includes over 90 courses designed for students ranging from complete beginners to expert-level material aimed at semi-professionals. Content can be filtered with ease and from there you can help your child determine which course to try out. A premium membership provides an outstanding value for this.

A premium subscription also includes access to occasional live classes spanning the entire catalog of topics that Craftsy teaches about. The list of topics is quite large and includes arts of all kinds, fabric and yarn crafts, and cooking and baking.

It’s a great library for the whole family, and one premium subscription gives access to up to three family members. Parents with multiple children will find good value for the money with Craftsy. 

Art is Fun!

Art is Fun

Art is Fun is a site dedicated to teaching children how much enjoyment they can experience with art and provides many free resources to get them started. The site is owned and operated by Thaneeya McArdle and was established in 2009 with the goal of bringing easy-to-reach art education to everyone.

There are step-by-step drawing lessons available that are organized by skill level from beginner to advanced. The subject matter is varied and includes a little something for everyone, with kid-friendly drawing themes like cats, puppies, owls, and snails. 

Along with the fun drawing lessons, there are practical courses that teach the fundamentals and the basics of drawing with colored pencils.

In addition to free drawing lesson material, Thaneeya has created courses that cover painting and coloring, as well as video lessons for children who enjoy a more interactive learning experience. Art is Fun also has a YouTube channel that provides a proper introduction to Thaneeya’s teaching style.



Sparketh is another on-demand lesson platform tailor-made for children between 6-18. The idea for Sparketh was brought to life by two best friends, Dwayne and Tim, who had the chance to pitch it to the panel on Shark Tank.

The course library at Sparketh contains over 1000 lessons covering a wide range of media. There are videos on abstract art, animals, food, manga, nature, painting, and portraits. Techniques videos make up their own section and can help kids build a solid foundation of skills to work with.

Sparketh operates on a membership model including options for $25 a month or $250 annually if paid upfront. Both levels receive similar benefits but the annual pass is worth $50 savings and allows students to request any courses they’d like to learn about.