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Circuit Stickers Review: Learn Electronics Basics

Circuit Stickers review from TheMakerMom.com

I received the Circuit Stickers starter pack for review and liked it enough to include the recently released product in my top STEM toys guide. I’m a fan of teaching kids basic electronics. I’ve written raved about products like Snap Circuits and littleBits that help kids, and adults, learn circuitry basics. Circuit Stickers are a fun, new addition to the electronics arsenal and they offer an intriguing STEAM (STEM + Art) twist.

Circuit Stickers review on TheMakerMom.com

Chibitronics Circuit Sticker Starter Kit

The Circuit Stickers Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get going, including a handy, dandy sketchbook that provides an educational overview and instructions. It also serves as the workspace for building the circuits. In addition, it includes copper tape, button cell batteries and the namesake circuit stickers, tiny stickers with embedded circuits and surprisingly bright LEDs in three colors, as well as a few other goodies.

Circuit Stickers review on TheMakerMom.com

You simply follow the instructions and start building circuits in no time!

The copper tape needs to be cut in half, which might be a challenge for young kids to do, or do well (you want your supply to last!).

Look at my simple circuit in the gif below. Notice how I folded over the page to complete the circuit? The binder clip (also included in the starter pack) keeps the battery in place to keep the juice flowing. However, this sometimes takes a big of jiggering to get the pressure in just the right spot.

Circuit Stickers in action

As you go through the book, the circuit builds get more complex (like adding an on/off switch). You’re also encouraged to let your creativity flow along with the electricity, by coloring on a page that will be complemented by your glowing LEDs as pictured below.

Circuit Stickers review on TheMakerMom.com

You can move beyond the Starter Kit with items like effect stickers. But even with the Starter Kit, you can do the projects in your favorite journal or even use them in a textile project.

I think Chibitronics is at the start of an exciting journey and I’m eager to see the brand and their community evolve.

If you try Circuit Stickers come back and let me know what you think!

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