Cozmo Robot Review

Cozmo Robot Review

As promised in my National Robotics Week post, I’ve got a review of Cozmo (affiliate link), an adorable AI- and personality-driven palm-sized robot. Anki’s PR team sent me the product for review. Created by three roboticists from Carnegie Mellon and designed with the input of Pixar artists and animators, Cozmo is endearing, engaging, and a bit (okay, …

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Mine for Power Gems (A DIY Operation Game)

Build a Minecraft-inspired DIY Operation Game with The Maker Mom!

Build a Minecraft-inspired DIY Operation Game with The Maker Mom!I’ve partnered with Bernzomatic to bring you another fun STEM project to keep you and your big kids busy over Spring Break. This time we’re making a sort of a DIY Operation game called Mine for Power Gems. As with the Fridge Fun Marble Run, this engaging project allows your kids to get crafty while building STEM knowledge and skills.

Get ready to fire your Bernzomatic ST500 Cordless Soldering Iron up again! The cool thing about a cordless soldering iron is that it’s portable. So you can solder on the go. As long as you can create a safe, well-ventilated workspace wherever you go, that is.

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Kano Pixel Kit Review – Is It Worth It?

kano pixel kit

Introducing the Kano Pixel Kit. It’s a smart, high-tech version of your childhood Lite Brite that teaches your kid to code and doesn’t leave a mess of sharp plastic pieces behind. Which is to say it’s really cool. This post contains affiliate links. The Kano team sent me a kit for review and it’s one …

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Circuit Maze Review

Circuit Maze is the latest logic game from ThinkFun. It's presents fun logic challenges that build your brain.

It’s always fun to give the old noggin a workout with ThinkFun’s games. So we were excited to try one of their latest, Circuit Maze Circuit Maze is the newest addition to ThinkFun’s family of classic logic puzzles like Laser Maze and Gravity Maze (affiliate link), which is a hit in our house. Circuit Maze consists of a playing field, …

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Marbleocity DIY Roller Coaster Kit by Tinkineer

Marbleocity, the made in the U.S.A. wooden DIY marble roller coaster kit reviewed on

I wasn’t able to attend the World Maker Faire in New York City, but at I did get to try one of the hot products that debuted there, Marbleocity. The folks at Tinkineer reached out the me to review their Mini Coaster. They had me at DIY marble roller coaster. My boys are teens now, …

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A DIY Post It Notes Learn-to-Code Game

Make a DIY learn-to-code game with and Post-it Products.

Make a DIY learn-to-code game with and Post-it Products.Last week I mentioned that I had a STEM project in the works with the Post-it® Brand. Today I get to introduce it to you! Behold Eye on the Prize, an analog computer programming game. In addition to introducing kids to programming logic, it’s a good introduction to pair programming because you need two people to play.

In pair programming, two programmers work together at a single computer. One writes the code while the other reviews each line of code in real time. In this game, the reviewer waits until the program is written and then runs through the steps, moving the character game piece through the grid to see if the objective is met.

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Sphero SPRK Review – Should You Buy?

Sphero SPRK robot reviewed at

It’s exciting to try new technology shortly after it’s released, but it’s even better seeing the products evolve and improve over time. My boys have enjoyed Sphero and Ollie, but it’s time to welcome the Sphero SPRK Edition, the latest edition to the Sphero family. The Sphero SPRK Edition has all the playfulness and durability of …

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