DIY Worm Bin: How to Start Vermicomposting

When my husband said, “I want to get you a $200 worm bin composter for your birthday.” The problem wasn’t the worm bin. I’ve been curious about vermicomposting since one of my boys’ teachers set up a class worm composting system back in the day. But to spend $200 on a classy set-up for worms? No thank you.

He threatened to buy it for me unless I made one myself. It was like a dare. I had been mentioning this project on and off for years. It was time to get making and to do it on a budget. With the help of Instructables and Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, I did!

My DIY worm bin for less than $10

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The Great Hollow Penny Experiment

Our attempt to make hollow pennies didn’t turn out as planned. This is another way of saying the hollow penny experiment failed, but since I documented our process, I figured I’d share it, and maybe you’ll try it, and you can share better photos if things go according to plan. I first read about making …

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10 Must-Download STEM iPad Apps for Kids

image via Cat Physics app I’m happy to have my super-smart friend, Shelly Kramer, chime in today with her 10 favorite STEM iPad apps for kids. See her bio below.  I love apps – for anyone who knows me, that’s no surprise. But I also love STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) initiatives. Yup, I’m …

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How to Make a Marble Roller Coaster

When it comes to blogging, life often follows art (if you consider my carefully crafted blog posts works of art, that is). What I mean is that blogging helps me live with intention. If I blog about healthy eating, I’m more careful about what I put in my mouth. If I start a blog about …

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How to Tie Dye with Sharpie Markers

This fun project works any time of year, but it’s best done outdoors or in a room with good ventilation. And Sharpie Tie-Dye is great for summer celebrations like July 4. In addition to making a cool t-shirt, it’s also a study of the effect of a solvent on permanent markers. Rubbing alcohol + Sharpies = …

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Glow Bubbles and Dry Ice: A Cool Combo

Walt Disney encouraged his employees to take a good idea and “plus it” to make it even better. We needed to “plus” our glow bubbles. You see, the other night we found a basic glow bubbles recipe on Pinterest. We activated a glow stick, cracked it open, and poured the contents into a clear container …

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