DIY Dog Treat Dispenser and Toy

Dog Treat Dispenser Toy from

Dog Treat Dispenser Toy from www.TheMakerMom.comInspired by something he found online, The Young Maker Teen set out to make a dog treat dispenser that would also be a fun puzzle or toy for our energetic dog. He went off to his computer and started designing a 3D plan in Autodesk Inventor.

When I checked on his progress, though, it was slow going. So I clicked on his browser history and saw that much of his “work and research” was in the form of Imgur visits and time on a favorite gaming site. After that I switched up the rules: use materials we have on hand and just make something.

So he did.

Easy DIY Dog Treat Dispenser

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Make a Cell Mosaic with Guest Artist Rachel Nador

Make a Cell Mosiac with Rachel Nador on

I’m thrilled to have my talented friend sharing a project today. Artist Rachel Nador takes us through the process of creating a cell mosaic. I’m what’s called a 3D modeller or 3D graphic artist. I’ve created 3D graphics for video games, film, web, medical and science software, and more. I have a traditional art background, …

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Meet Dash and Dot, Robots for Young Kids

Read about Dash and Dot Robots from Wonder Company reviewed on

Dash and Dot are the new robots for young children from Wonder Workshop. You might have met them as Bo and Yana from Play-i when they were in the Kickstarter phase. Dash and Dot robots and their accessories started shipping in late 2014. The company has not only changed names, but they are busy refining …

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Science Experiments Inspired by Big Hero 6

Science and STEM Projects inspired by Big Hero 6 at

Big Hero 6 Science Fun Inspired by Honey Lemon and GoGo Tomago Do you love Disney’s Big Hero 6 as much as I do? It’s exciting, adventurous, and features two super smart and highly capable STEM girls. That’s why I’m shining this week’s STEM Girl Friday spotlight on the movie’s Honey Lemon and GoGo Tomago. …

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Circuit Stickers Review: Learn Electronics Basics

Circuit Stickers review from

I received the Circuit Stickers starter pack for review and liked it enough to include the recently released product in my top STEM toys guide. I’m a fan of teaching kids basic electronics. I’ve written raved about products like Snap Circuits and littleBits that help kids, and adults, learn circuitry basics. Circuit Stickers are a fun, …

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Hexbug VEX Robots You Build Yourself Review

Build your own Hexbug VEX robot!

When he was in elementary school, The Young Maker Teen, was a big fan of Hexbug Nano, those tiny robotic bugs that are essentially gussied up bristlebots. I recall looking at him one day surrounded by various “habitats” spread out in our basement with lots of the critters buzzing around thinking, “Wow, he’s spent a …

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What’s Project-Based Learning For STEM?

The Maker Mom's Gears

Here’s are a few key tips along with helpful resources for anyone who wants to learn more about PBL STEM education. Before I present the recap, I want to share an important post that IAT recently published on their blog. IAT co-founder, Laurie Kreindler cautioned parents and educators to be wary of educational publishers who …

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